Peripheral Automation

We also offer peripheral automation that helps satisfy your individual packaging needs.


We recommend a progressive cavity pump or a rotary pump for our Dangan machines. Pumps can be sourced and supplied with your Dangan. We have various sizes so we are able to keep tight weight tolerances to prevent waste.

Case Placers

Helps automate your packaging and reduces labor. Case placers neatly stack larger size pouches to maximize case efficiency and reduce risk of punctures. 

Pouch Loader

Neatly organizes bandolier strips into boxes to ensure smooth and easy handling in later stages of your packaging process.

Bagging Machines

Automates your packaging and reduces labor by packing pouches into convenient liner bags.

Heat Exchangers

Keeps product temperature consistent for food safety and quality control purposes. Steam can be used to increase the product temperature to meet high and low tolerances. 

Ready to improve your liquid and paste packaging?