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DANGAN Liquid Packaging Machines

Our line of Dangan Liquid Packaging Machines is revolutionizing the industry.
Compatible with traditional and unique packaging alike, the Dangan achieves high-speed liquid pouch filling with very low defect/spoilage rates.

Recognized internationally, Dangan automatic liquid fill machines provide exceptional productivity, quality, stability and ease of operation, as well as throughput up to four times the speed of conventional machines.

Changeover time between sauce packet types (of varying fill dimensions and weights), as well as between liquid types (i.e gravy to fruit sauce), is quick and easy.

Since the introduction of the Dangan I in 1992, we have continued to upgrade our system. Our latest generation of Dangan Astron Mark III and G2 are available to meet varying pouch filling requirements. 


The versatile Dangan G2 produces pouches in capacities ranging from 3g to 500g. The Dangan G2 seals through the product, squeezing the pouch as it forms to remove residual air eliminating head space. The machine also features a highly accurate notch-cut function. The G2 comes in several variations to meet customer demands and is semi customizable if there is something we can modify to meet your needs.

Incorporating a memorizing function with a capacity for about 500 kinds of packing conditions, detailed processing techniques and a heat-sealing bar that is resistant to wear, this machine can exercise high repeatability over long periods.

Dangan G2 liquid filling machine


Making use of the cumulative advances in technology and reliability of the Dangan line, the Dangan Astron Mark III is a marvel, where high-efficiency meets user-friendliness. This is the machine for those seeking to increase plant capabilities and get into the high-speed pouch filling industry.

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Astron Entry Level Liquid Paste Gel filling machine


The newest addition to our line of liquid packaging machines, the DANGAN GL’s sleek design and high output is ideal for projects requiring quick, large volume pouches. Capable of filling 2 tons per hour, this versatile machine can do anything from 4 oz to 50 oz packets; all while maintaining our unique no headspace Dangan style sealing.

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Dangan GL Large High Volume XL Liquid filling machine industrial
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