Maintenance / Support

Our team of engineering consultants can help you determine the best liquid packaging solutions for your needs. We offer complete support for all Taisei Lamick machines and accessories. Some of our services include:

Over-the-Phone Customer Service

We can answer your machine and film related questions or walk you through minor machine repairs with our Over-the-Phone Customer Service option aided by our Dangan machine self-diagnostics. Whether it’s guidance with troubleshooting an error or fixing leaky pouches, our experience professionals are well versed in identifying and solving DANGAN and film issues. Simply call one of our engineers or offices and we can help you.

Full Preventative Maintenance

Our Full Preventative Maintenance is conducted every 1-3 years after a machine installation. In addition to this PM replacing wear and tear faulty items, this full machine teardown and examination involves deep cleaning machine parts, mechanical evaluations and a plan to address any additional potential threats. Not sure when to schedule your next maintenance? Our engineering team can help recommend the optimal time based on your situation and usage.  

Emergency Maintenance/Troubleshooting

In the event that immediate, on-site assistance is needed, we are able to send a service engineer to your site almost immediately. Please contact either your sales contact or one of our engineers to determine the best course of action. If your machine is down we are going to make sure to get you back up and running as soon as possible. 

Additional Training

We offer training at Taisei Lamick facilities for new operators and maintenance staff, if needed.

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