Revolutionary High-Speed Machines & Innovative Plastic Films

for Liquid and Paste Packaging

Products and Productivity

Combined, Taisei Lamick machines and durable films create the highest-quality pouches at significantly higher and sustainable filling speeds. 

  • No head space
  • Fewer defects
  • Quick changeovers
  • Tight seal strength
  • Extended shelf life
  • Lower transportation costs

Roll Stock Film
for Specific Industries

We Make Liquid and Paste Packaging Easy

“Taisei machines perform higher sustained speeds than competitor models. They are better and faster, and they increased my manufacturing efficiency.”

— A leading U.S. Manufacturer of foods. The company uses 3 Taisei Dangan Vertical Form Fill Machines for packing sweet sauces, fruit sauces, icings, savory sauces and gravies.

One-Stop Solution …

From the filler machinery to the flexible film, Taisei Lamick provides everything you need to package your liquid and paste products efficiently and in the highest-quality pouches on the market. Together, our machines and film provide our customers with the ability to:

  • Fill with high and low viscosity products as well as oils
  • Meet increased demand by speeding up production
  • Change over and set up quickly, eliminating costly downtime
  • Eliminate headspace for quality reasons, product requirements and material reduction

… from Fillers to Film

Our exclusive film technology, original sealant materials and custom lamination process uniquely respond to today’s diverse and complex demands, including production performance, usability, flexibility, economic efficiency, filling ability, sterilization conditions and more. While our auto fillers and films may be used independently, we recommend that they be used together. When integrated, our machines and films achieve the fastest processing speeds in the industry.

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