Taisei Lamick Dangan Machine Advantages

  • Increased productivity – Faster running speeds and fewer defects
  • Fast and easy operation – Servo motors allow quick changing of size and speed
  • Moyno, Cascade, and Rotary pumps – 3 different types of pumps to fit your industry and budget
  • Flexibility – ability to do many sizes with the no additional tooling exclusively through the touch screen
  • No headspace pouches – no air interaction with product provides better taste, color and longer shelf life
  • No head space can reduce pouch size, leading to less material use
  • Available tear or pour options for easy open designs.
  • Works excellent with both highly viscous and non-viscous liquids and pastes
  • Designed to cut down on leakers in tough-to-run productions such as oil, syrups or vinegar
  • Perforated bandoliers are available and can be auto cut to any count desired.
  • Hot fill products up to 190F with ease

Taisei Lamick Film Advantages

  • Designed specifically for liquid or pastes products
  • Durable, low defect rates with hundreds of film structure options
  • Gravure Printing allows for high resolution detailed graphics with bright colors.
  • Registered printing on front and back allow for harmonized front and rear graphics.
  • Superior quality film structures are made specifically to optimize filling on the Dangan.
  • High burst strength protects products and help to prevent Leakers.
Ready to improve your liquid and paste packaging?