Roll Stock Film

Taisei Lamick liquid packaging film meets the high quality and versatile productivity demands of today’s liquid packaging processors in various markets.

We offer free product testing with detailed analysis, film recommendation, and sample pouches. Send us your product and we will create test sample pouches for customers.

Food & Beverage

Our film is puncture and spoilage resistant, making it a safe and efficient option for packing food and beverages. The quality and strength of the film allows for significantly higher filling speeds over sustained periods of time. No head-space creates an air free environment where it provides better color and taste for a longer period of time.

Sauce in clear packets

Chemicals & Cleaners

Pack hard-to-fill chemicals with our superior sealants and have the ability to clear the seal area from contaminates that create leakers. Splashing and foam is no challenge for our contaminate resistant sealants. 

Aluminum foil packets

Personal Care Products

With a tight seal strength and a low defect rate, our film is ideal for finicky viscous liquids. Pack shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste with ease with our film and Dangan combo.

Cosmetic sachets

Extra Taisei Features

Film is all certified as food safe under our Global Food Safety Initiative 3rd party certification. Film can be equipped with Magic Cut, a convenient way to open a pouch at any size for a better way to dispense product. We use reverse gravure printing presses for brilliant colors and a high quality look that will set you apart from the competition. We also and other special features to create a custom and unique experience for your end user. 

Large roll of film
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