Test Filling

Your product, our machine, risk free

We can create physical sample packets using your actual liquid product to test filling speed and end product properties such as durability. Test filling this way eliminates the risk associated with new equipment acquisition by demonstrating compatibility with your product before you make any commitment. Test filling can be done at our facilities in Chicago IL, or Los Angeles CA.

Flexible fill conditions

The purpose of test filling is to emulate the actual conditions of your facility as well as possible. We can use a variety of films, both transparent and metalized, cold fill or hot fill, continuous fill or intermittent filling. If you are unsure of the size of packet you want, we can test multiple packet dimensions. If there are any special conditions at your facility we should be aware of, just let us know and we will do what we can to emulate them.

In person or remote

Conditions permitting, test filling is a great opportunity to meet up in person and give you some hands-on experience with our equipment. However, we can also test fill remotely. If you arrange to send a sample of your liquid product to us, we can test fill it and mail the completed samples back to you.

Additional testing

QA doesn’t stop at just filling sachets. We also burst-test packets at 200 lbs of pressure, check for filling accuracy, and make sure that the packets meet your quality standards.

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